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Today is ‘International Womens Day’;)

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March 8th is celebrated as international womens day all over the world irrespective caste,creed and religion.There are some assumption about like Women are hard to be understood ,they are form venus, they are shopoholics,they love makeup etc,these are very few things have many to quote. I think every individual is hard to understand,unless they speak u cant get into their brain n see whats happening..!!!!!!! n 2nd thing women are from venus n men are from mars, but who cares were we are from right now we are happy on Earth..!!!!! they are shopoholics well you want something good to look n beautiful thing you should spend time n experiment, if u dont spend time and money on yourself who else would??!

Women in this era makes all the decisions and is not less than a man,yet its a male dominated country n world and we are sure that will change really soon.. We dont know wen the gender fights will be over but its womens day…! celebrate cheers to all the women;)




Written by revathi kulkarni

March 8, 2009 at 18:13

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